१२:५९ पम.1259PM

like ninety eight percent of sometimes,i daydream.
like this:

heather feels, a shapely, caramel arm.
a plastic obstruction, silent interruptions of
my dripply revelry...

of crisy winter air. A welcoming cold.
gone north for good.

come on skinny love rights my eyes.
i sit still...sweetly.slowly
falling apart.
it's not me.not now.
too crude.too brashy.two eyes?two hands?
why not?
not true.not real.

come on skinny love falls over my face.
like a chastisement.like a prayer against me.
so good.so holy.and me so unworthy.
so pretty.so noble. and me so repulst.
don't talk like that.don't think like that.it's not like that.

my crown spins out.and my head drowns down.
sit still.
say a prayer.

heather feels...wintery air...


this is for brain and nate and justina

i was staring into this painting one day.and it made me cry.

not a lot of things can make me cry nowadays.weird because back in the day,i could cry about anything.and i did.all the time.twas very sad.

this too:

i dont even know how to make a blog,why am i doing this?

i wanna climb this:

only when i know i cant have it,then i want it
and when i think it is possible,it is only because
i'm hopelessly hopeful

kate makes me happy.
she's some of the only stuff i love that aint tainted now

When Youre Older - Kate Earl

whyd i hafta be such the fool
every single time