samson went back to bed

alright i admit i'm a little biased but my son is beautiful.
when i wanna cry he makes me laugh. when i wanna scream he makes me smile. and when everything seems to fall apart, he farts so loud it builds me up. he's like an angel, he really is. maybe all babies are like that at first because they were so recently in the presence of heavenly father and all his shiny pals. sometimes i swear samson can still see them. he especially likes to chat with the corner of the ceiling above his crib. coincidence? i think not. i wish my sorry ways weren't slowly washing away his perfection. if it weren't for me, he'd probably still be totally untainted, surfing nimbus clouds across the cosmos. nah...we asked for each other. i feel it. and i suppose if i weren't for me, he'd never get fed or changed or bathed or tucked in either. so all in all we're a pretty good pair, samson and me. and daddy makes three. and beagy makes four. i guess. yeah...we're pretty darn cute.